Our Aims

Be the peak representative and advocacy body for outdoor adventure and recreational activities in South Australia. Provide a platform to seek federal and state funding for sector training, development and promotion.

Support and promote outdoor adventure & recreation activities in South Australia, including;

  1. outdoor education, adventure tourism, outdoor recreation
  2. associations, clubs, individuals, businesses and suppliers
  3. focus areas such as equipment, land access, activity sites and camp sites, training and assessment, standards, codes, audits and investigations.

Affiliate and otherwise liaise with national bodies including the;

  • Outdoor Council of Australia
  • Australian Camps Association

Outdoor Focus

Outdoor Adventure Tourism

We strive to ensure Outdoor Adventure Tourism within South Australia continues to grow and prosper into the future. We aspire to ensure adequate steps are being taken into the future maintenance and development of the state’s tourism needs and standards.

Outdoor Education

We believe that Outdoor Education, as a subject delivered within schools and at universities is a critical learning medium for students. The use of outdoor education methodologies within teaching is a profound style of learning which develops understanding about oneself, others and the environment.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation encompasses a large number of outdoor pursuits which engage many South Australians in healthy long term physical activities enhancing the wellbeing of our State. We seek to strengthen this sector by providing a voice to the great diversity of recreational groups and communities.


Our ability to represent you and the industry as a whole is based upon our membership – if you want share our goals, then become a member and share our success.

  • Individuals
  • Clubs
  • Industry Associations
  • Commercial Organisations

Our Members


Each sector is represented by one or more of the following subcommittees. Each of these subcommittees have a representative member on the board of Outdoors SA.

The default format for these sub-committees is 8 nominated and elected (if more than 8 nominations) members and up to 4 members who may be appointed by the board – these may represent a variety of specific professionals in an advisory capacity.

These subcommittees meet every 3 months.

Outdoor Professionals Committee

The Outdoor Professionals committee is designed to service businesses and professionals operating within the outdoor sector, key tasks are;

  • Advocacy for Outdoor Professionals
  • Assist outdoor professionals with issues regarding pay and conditions
  • Assist in the formulation of standardised documents relating to work guidelines and safe operating procedures with individuals may be able to use if they are in a workplace where these documents don’t exist
  • Creating a scheme for instructor individual insurance
  • Provision of training pathways and employment opportunities
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of an instructor accreditation and renewal scheme
  • Outdoor recreation growth and promotion
  • Doing this with newsletters, networking, conferences etc

Outdoor Recreation Clubs and Associations Committee

The Outdoor Recreation Clubs and Associations committee has been formed to provide a body for representation, services and evaluation to increase revenue, guidance and assistance. Key tasks of the committee are;

  • Advocacy for Clubs and Associations
  • Assist in Land access issues
  • Hotdesk, website and mail support
  • Provide advice to Clubs and Associations regarding Industry Standards, risk assessment etc
  • Monitoring/ devising appropriate terms of use
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of an insurance scheme for Clubs and Associations
  • Providing a stronger base for future growth and funding

Outdoor Skills Committee

The Outdoor Skills committee has been devised to cater for the needs of the training packages and Registered Training Organisations, some key tasks are to;

  • Improve Training accessibility and standards
  • Review industry need
    • New leadership courses
    • Improved course quality
  • Generate common leadership qualifications
    • NOLRS
  • Map state wide training and assessment
  • Represent SA in national training package review and innovation
  • Apply an adequate currency scheme
    • State wide equality
  • Representing – RTOs & Universities, training providers, employers and industry bodies

Outdoor Adventure Businesses (Tourism & Recreation) Committee

The Outdoor Adventure Businesses committee has been formed to serve, enhance the states’ outdoor tourism revenue and to liaise with institutions and organisations. The key role of this committee is to;

  • Liaise with government and tourism bodies
  • Assist with review and implementation of State-wide or National Adventure Activity standards
  • Assist outdoor adventure providers land access and work with land owner/ managers to achieve goals.
  • Improving access of providers to training and accreditation resources
  • Provide access to risk management consultation and mentoring
  • Boost outdoor adventure and associated tourism revenue
  • Assist enterprises to provide feedback to training providers
  • Assist with administration of a National Accreditation System within South Australia

Outdoor Skills Committee

The Outdoors SA sub-committee provides input on matters relating to Outdoor Education and its implications for schools and universities.



The Constitution was adopted in 2012.

Outdoors SA