Psychosocial Incident Types – UPLOADS Update

In this infographic research update we examine the psychosocial incidents types in the outdoors reported to the National Incident Dataset for Led Outdoor Activities and report the actual and potential severity of these incidents and their contributory factors.

There were: 433 Incidents Reported  over 853,821 Program Participation Days
The Activity incident rate was: 0.5 Incidents per 1000 program participation days
Example Incident types included:
Bullying, abuse, anxiety, homesickness, inappropriate interactions with other group members or public, distress, stress, or conflict.

Download the infographic here: psychosocial-infographic-final

The contributory factors involved in minor severity incidents were similar to those involved in serious or severe incidents. This highlights the importance of reporting all incidents, regardless of their severity, to support the development of strategies that will help reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents.

Outdoors SA is a founding supporter of the UPLOADS project via the Outdoor Council of Australia sits on the steering committee.

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