Outdoors SA welcomes the new partnership between the Department of  Environment and Water and the Department of  Education.

The Memorandum of Administrative Arrangement between the Minister for Environment and Water and the Minister for Education will support a working partnership and improve environmental and sustainability education opportunities for public preschool and school students through a combination of broad policies, programs, collaborative arrangements and targeted initiatives.

You can download the Action Plan here:

South Australian students will learn more about their local environment as a part of the curriculum under a new partnership between the Education and Environment departments.

Teach and Learn materials can be accessed online here:

Not only will students experience the great outdoors and improve their knowledge of the environment, it could also lead to building life skills and future employment.

Foundational work will be done by both departments to support curriculum development for learning areas, pairing environmental and curriculum expertise for all students.

Students will also get to learn about conservation and sustainability through immersive experiences at places such as Glenthorne National Park, botanic gardens and Cleland Wildlife Park.

They will hear direct from professionals who live and breathe the environment, conservation and sustainability.

The world-class program will support pathways for students in industries such as conservation and land management, agriculture and animal care, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry.

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