Outdoors SA encourages all outdoor educators in South Australia to respond to the ACARA survey – 8 July is the last day to encourage a greater engagement with outdoor education within the national curriculum.

Additional information on a national scope and sequence for outdoor education can be found on the OEA website and may be of assistance in developing your response.

Outdoors SA will be making a submission encouraging more outdoor education be placed into the curriculum. This is part of our ongoing work advocating for quality outdoor education outcomes in South Australia.

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) – Australian Curriculum Review:

Australians have a once-in-six-years opportunity to contribute their feedback and shape a revised Australian Curriculum

What’s important for you in #HealthandPhysicalEducation? Learn more about the proposed revisions in this video by the ACARA curriculum expert. #HaveYourSay on the #AusCurric https://bit.ly/34ShnKS , hurry the public consultation window ends 8 July. Please submit the survey to ensure your feedback is counted. #AustralianCurriculumReview #aussieED

See the details on the following video.

In the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education, students strengthen their sense of self, and learn to build and manage satisfying, respectful relationships. They develop resilience and empathy as active participants in their own and others’ wellbeing. Integral to Health and Physical Education is the acquisition of movement skills and strategies that enable students to participate confidently and competently in a range of physical activities.

The proposed revisions aim to update content and ensure coverage of what is essential for students to learn now. Since the Health and Physical Education curriculum was first published in 2014 there has been a considerable focus on the role of schools in addressing issues including consent education, diet quality and physical activity participation levels. The revisions proposed have addressed these issues and strengthened the content and guidance for teachers about how to deliver learning about these areas of the curriculum. The refinements have been informed by key experts, who have provided support to translate the evidence base into curriculum content.

See all details on the ACARA website


Outdoors SA supports outdoor education – We believe that Outdoor Education, as a subject delivered within schools and at universities is a critical learning medium for students. The use of outdoor education methodologies within teaching is a profound style of learning which develops understanding about oneself, others and the environment.


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